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To be successful...send your publicity up high!
Reproduce your trademark into the large surfaces of a hot-air balloon. It enables you to utilise an efficient method to capture the fantasy of your potential future clients. The personalised hot-air balloons are versatile and very apparent and can be programmed to be used in a number of events as both an advertising support as a main attraction. The hot-air balloon conserves a fascinating image which will remain impressed in the memory in any case. The image is promoted in a positive way, unlike the many forms of advertising used today which can become fastidious and counterproductive. The use of sponsored hot-air balloons can give an optimum publicity result when managed competently within a well planned publicity campaign. Also the image of a hot-air balloon must not be undervalued - it is often the focus point of press and television and these contacts represent a free form of publicity which is very effective.

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A team effort to reach the heights
A series of initiatives is needed to make the most of a successful publicity impact: A demonstration of a non-flying hot-air balloon during important events: anniversaries, opening of a new selling point, concerts, sports events, etc.. Wherever there is a large public and media presence. Flights in a hot-air balloon as a publicity move. An attractive and interesting way of offering flights, an unforgettable experience for staff and potential clients. Sponsorship of adventure businesses with flights in exotic and interesting locations, where filmed and photographed for television or publicity. Rental of our balloons neutral, personalised or with large labelled banners..

mongolfiera rossa personalizzabile con 3-4 striscioni da 40mq cad.    PROMOZIONE CENTRO COMMERCIALE

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Dimensions and characteristics of a hot-air balloon
A number of models of hot-air balloons exist in all dimensions. The hot-air balloons we use and recommend are suitable for all of the above listed uses. They have a rounded smooth surface (they do not have any outstanding segments) which make reading of any writing or trade mark clear and easy. They are aprox. 21 meters high equivalent to a 6 floor block, volume of aprox. 3000mc. For these reasons a hot-air balloon will never risk to pass by unnoticed. This type of hot-air balloon can take 4 or 5 people including the pilot. We are capable of reproducing any type of message or design to personalise the image of the hot-air balloon to the maximum. We are happy to offer any material required.

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Special Shape Balloons
Specially formed balloons reproducing the exact colour and shape of your product: a bottle, a tin can, a mobile phone, a teddy bear, or any other shape. There are no limits to your fantasy!! Specially formed balloons allow maximum publicity impact. Unforgettable examples are: the exact reproduction of the Orient Express, the form of Gran Padano cheese (our production), the Michelin man 40mt high and a flying cow for a Dutch co-operative. Hundreds of businesses and multi-nationals have targeted success investing in this type of publicity, in the U.S.A and Europe.

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